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Gilliam County

Gilliam County Homeowner incentive program –  Gilliam County Homestead Rebate Program

Arlington, Oregon is located on the mighty Columbia River, Arlington is a peaceful community and a paradise for water lovers. Spend your afternoon swimming and picnicking at the lush Earl Snell Memorial Park or try your hand windsurfing, kite boarding or paddle boarding on the Columbia River or in our quaint marina.

If dry land is more your speed, check out the region’s newest crop: windmills, whose clusters of white pillars and massive turbines rise up in all directions and are mesmerizing.

Arlington’s laid-back pace, friendly folks, and big skies are a great way to slow down and take in the peace and serenity of Oregon’s natural beauty .

Just 40 miles South

The town of Condon grew out of a settlement that formed around Summit Springs, an abundant fresh water source that attracted Native Americans and new settlers, many from Scotland, Ireland, England and Germany, who took part in a booming sheep industry.

Condon is the county seat of Gilliam County and its economy continues to center around agriculture – dry land wheat and cattle-raising operations that have sustained the area since the early days. The area’s economy has been energized by the establishment of Waste Management, Inc.’s solid and chemical waste landfill and treatment facilities and more recently by the steadily growing wind energy industry.

The wind farms in northern Sherman, Gilliam and Morrow counties are considered the world’s largest wind farm.

Condon recently named #4 best small downtown community in the state of Oregon.

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Wheeler County

Wheeler County is located in sunny North Central Oregon; it is the least populated and one of the most beautiful counties in the state. Wheeler County is as rugged as any in Oregon, with the terrain varying widely from deep river canyons edged in rimrock to high timbered mountains covered in pine and fir. Portions of the Ochoco and Umatilla National Forests lie within its boundaries, covering nearly one third of the county.

Fossil digging, fishing, rafting, hiking, camping, photography and star gazing are among the many fun and educational activities that abound here. Designated as a Wild and Scenic River, the John Day River, is known worldwide for its native salmon runs and exceptional bass fishing.

Agritourism Business

If you’ve considered agricultural tourism as an option for your farm business, then this is the class for you. Over the course of this program, you will build an understanding of the multiple elements involved in setting up and managing a successful agritoursim enterprise.

These topics include types of agricultural tourism enterprises and how agritourism can become a part of your whole farm business. You will learn about managing risk, understanding legal requirements, marketing your agricultural tourism business, and customer service and hospitality.

At the end, if you decide agricultural tourism is a good fit for your farm business, you will be prepared to move forward on a path that helps you achieve your long-term goals.

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Travel Oregon Handbook
The handbook was created for a wide range of people with a common interest in the intersection of agriculture and tourism.

Whether you’re a farmer or rancher (or an aspiring one), have a tourism business that works with farmers and ranchers, or are a budding entrepreneur with no land but an agritourism venture idea, this site is for you.

If you’re just starting out, you may want to work through the information in the order outlined below. If you have an existing operation, just skip around to the sections that seem most relevant. Much of the handbook’s content is in the form of PDF documents that you can download and print as needed.

Click here to download the handbook